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How Long Does MCT Oil Last? Can it Go Bad?

MCT oil is classified among the superfoods each health-conscious and athletic person knows about its benefits. Its efficiency has undoubtedly popularized it and is in most people’s cupboards. The oil is consumed in small quantities once in a while, making it serve you long.

This healthy oil is available in liquid and powder form and does not solidify. It is obtained from palm kernel or coconut oil, which means it contains natural oils. MCT can be combined with LCT oil or be purely MCT oil, depending on the producer.

The oil is consumed in bits. Approximately two teaspoons in a long while, so you are likely to have your MCT bottle for long. It is therefore natural to worry whether the oil goes bad and after how long.

How long does MCT Oil Last?

MCT has an incredibly long shelf life. Manufacturers always recommend how to store it for a long life. The oil would typically last for 2 years when seated in the cupboard with no special treatment. The absolute requirements you need to meet are to keep the storage bottle tightly sealed and away from any fire source.

No fridge in your home? There is no problem with that. In fact, this oil does not need refrigeration, although there is no harm in doing so. Your pantry is perfect for its storage.

You may also want to consider the expiration date provided by the manufacturer to know how long your oil is going to serve you. Usually, the MCT oil continues being in a consumable condition even when the expiry date is passed. An opened bottle can serve you an extra 1 year while an unopened one can extend for 2 years.

However, we recommend purchasing the oil when it is yet to expire because it gives you a different taste than when fresh.

Can MCT Oil Go Bad?

Since it is extracted from natural ingredients, the oil eventually gets spoilt. However, some conditions accelerate the process. For example, keeping your bottle uncovered after opening can introduce contaminants such as bacteria that can breed and make your oil rancid. This contamination can reduce your oil’s shelf life by half.

Also, after the expiration date has passed, the oil will start deteriorating over time. The fresh taste of the MCT oil starts fading and begins to have an off-taste. In this state, it is best to discard the oil.

How Can You Tell If MCT Oil has Gone Bad

To ensure you are consuming safe products, it is essential to check if your MCT oil has gone bad. There are several ways of testing it without involving complex procedures. Test your oil at home by observation. Check whether there are visible fungi on your oil. It can be green or white patches on the top of your oil. When present, discard it without hesitation.

Additionally, when observing your oil, you can check whether the storage bottle (if plastic) has some deformations. If you notice some bulging, your oil is no longer safe for consumption.

The smell is another irresistible characteristic you should not ignore. Do you know the appealing smell that fresh consumables produce? If you realize your oil has a rancid one, you know you will not enjoy using it on your dishes. It has spoilt.

The ultimate way of checking your oil is by tasting. Although the method is accurate, we do not recommend it until when absolutely necessary. When all other signs are present, there is no need to proceed with this method. Spoilt MCT oil tastes horrible.

What Happens if You Refrigerate MCT Oil?

We have noted earlier that MCT oil does not require refrigeration. But if you really like refrigerating your food, it is still fine to store yours in the fridge. Pure MCT oil does not solidify or turn while under refrigeration.

However, since some producers sell theirs when mixed with bits of other oils like coconut, your MCT oil will turn whitish and solidify. This does not make it go bad or compromise its consumption safety.

How Do You Store MCT Oil?

Essentially, there are so many ways you can store your MCT oil in your storage space after opening. However, some methods can cause wastage and are unhygienic. For efficiency, we recommend using glass containers to store your oil.

Once you have transferred your oil, ensure the glass jar remains closed always. Because it can be challenging to find a dark glass jar, look for a dark space in your pantry. It helps in prolonging the lifespan of your oil.

Although this requirement is obvious, you should keep your oil on a stable shelf to avoid breaking the storage bottle. Leaking bottles are also not recommended. The two factors can lead to a messy pantry and wastage of this precious oil.

Keep your oil away from moisture. Fungi love and thrive in wet areas. Although water and oil are immiscible, allowing moisture in your bottle will give mold a chance to grow on the wet layer. Water has a higher density than oil. So, mold grows around your storage bottle since it cannot survive between the layers for long due to lack of air.

Is it Okay to Use Expired MCT Oil?

You can use expired MCT oil if it has not exhibited signs of being spoilt. The expiry date is merely an estimation of how long the oil can remain fresh after the manufacturing date.

However, when all the spoilage signs are there, it is not worth consuming it. Although there are no known critical instances of sicknesses caused by consuming spoilt MCT oil, discard it and get another bottle. After all, the oil is affordable and readily available.

What Can You Do with Spoilt MCT Oil?

The priority is to discard it. However, if you feel the quantity is too much and you need a way to make it useful, there are a few things you can do.

If your home has stagnant water, and you find it challenging to drain, there is a possibility you have a bug problem. To prevent them from breeding, you can pour spoilt MCT oil on the stagnant water. The oil film prevents air from getting into the water, suffocating the larvae. Therefore, you control the bugs in your compound.

Additionally, if you have annual houseplants, you can polish their leaves using your spoilt MCT oil. The plants remain glossy, and it is also a way of protecting them from mildew infection. That is, the oil helps in keeping the leaves dry in case water splashes on them. Some house plants are susceptible to infections when exposed to moisture on their leaves.

If you are struggling to remove a water stain on your furniture, you can use this oil. After applying and allowing it to rest for some time, it clears the stain. The oil and water molecules exchange, leaving your furniture after wiping. No more ugly stains on your furniture!

Is it Okay to Cook with MCT Oil?

Absolutely! If your dish requires using low to medium temperatures, this oil can be all you need. It does not introduce flavors to your food as it is tasteless. So, you do not have to be concerned about making something that tastes different from what you had intended.

However, do not use it in preparing dishes that require oils with high smoking points. Otherwise, you will end up with burnt and uncooked food.

Other than cooking, you can use the oil to dress your salads. It makes your salads have an excellent presentation and remain fresh for a long time. So, the juices do not get lost, and your salad does not wither before your guests finish enjoying your deliciously prepared dish.

Where Can You Buy MCT Oil?

MCT oil is available in a number of outlets. In a cosmetic and supplements store, you can find oil in different quantities. Choose according to your budgets and consumption needs.

You can also find it in food stores and from online suppliers. Therefore choose a walk-in shopping or place your order in an online store for delivery.

How Can You Prevent MCT Oil from Going Bad?

The most efficient way of preventing your MCT oil from going bad is by buying enough quantities. That is, if you do not intend to use it regularly, a small amount will serve you well and for long. Purchasing huge quantities to enjoy big discounts can result in both spoilage and wastage.

Additionally, you ought to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on storage conditions. If your pantry and cupboard do not provide a safe environment for your oil, a refrigerator can be used for storage purposes.

Are you an endurance athlete looking for supplement energy to keep you going? Or are you on a journey to obtaining and maintaining a healthy body? MCT oil is definitely a nice option for you. If you are not sure how long you can keep it, it is long enough to help you achieve your goals. You can also have alternative uses in case it spoils.


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