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How Long Does Grenadine Last? Can It Go Bad?

Can Grenadine go bad? It is easy to dismiss syrup’s thought of simple ingredients such as pomegranate, sugar, and water going bad. Well, if the measures, as described above, are not observed, your flavorful additive may be doomed for the trash bin. Nevertheless, the rate at which your syrup spoils may vary depending on its mode of preparation. Today, there are a variety of procedures used in preparing Grenadine. Most grenadine jars on the retail shelves pack a substantial amount of HFCS, which significantly appreciates its life.

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Such may keep much longer than a mere homemade mixture of pomegranate, water, and sugar.

What are the Signs of Spoiled Grenadine?

Do not hurry to discard your grenadine syrup just because the expiry imprints on it suggests that its expiry is due. If you have been consistent with observing the golden rules of preservation, you could have earned yourself some bonus time enjoying your remaining lumps. But in between post expiry date and the actual expiry time, how can one tell whether the syrup is up for discarding? Here, almost all of your five senses have to be in a good state, for they will serve as the judges. Your eyes should be able to spot the difference in the consistency of the paste. You can achieve this by scooping out a spoonful from the jar, spread it on a clean surface such as a chopping board. If you see lamps or an inconsistent texture, that right there is a loud red flag. You can also check for its smoothness by feeling it between your thumb and index finger. Next should be your tongue. An unusual taste but no odor could simply mean degrade in quality and not necessarily spoilage. However, if you are sensitive to non-fresh edibles, then do not take chances with it.
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Finally, the ultimate disqualifier in this process is its odor. If you are a regular user of Grenadine syrup, you can attest that it has a distinctive sweet smell that comes from its pomegranate extract. A slight change of the smell amounts to a colossal spoilage alert. Discard it immediately.

How Can I Store Home-made Grenadine?

Homemade Grenadine with no added preservatives has a shorter shelf life compared to commercial Grenadine. Here is how to ensure your DIY syrup serves you longer; If you have a bottle of vodka in your kitchen cabinet, it can finally be put to more use than just an alcoholic drink. About 5ml of vodka can go a long way into keeping your jar of grenadine syrup fresh for an extra four days. Refrigeration is also a hustle-free way of preserving your grenadine Syrup. If you settle on refrigeration, make sure you prepare syrup enough to serve you not more than 21 days, to play safe. However, it can sit good past three weeks if there is minimal unsealing from its jar or container. If you are a regular user of homemade grenadine syrup, preparing it every now might seem cumbersome, especially if you run a tight daily schedule. You must have considered preparing the same in large amounts to get over with the hustle.
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However, how do you ensure that you utilize your syrup at your own pace without the risk of having your resources go to waste? Freezing is your answer. Freezing homemade Grenadine extends its life to a good couple of months, depending on your freezer condition.

How Do I Store Commercial Grenadine Syrup?

Fortunately, most commercial grenadines are loaded with preservatives such that your fridge may not be a necessity in prolonging its shelf-life. With proper off-the-chill measures, Grenadine Syrup may last for as long as you need it. One of the factors that may derail the effectiveness of preservatives in your Grenadine is exposure to direct sunlight. As you might be aware, the sun rays trigger a chemical process that catalyzes the decomposition of the components forming the ingredients of the Grenadine syrup. That said, keep off your bottle of grenadine syrup off sunshine. Temperatures above room level also tend to work against the shelf life of the syrup. To hack this, keep your bottle as far away from sources of heat as possible. It would be good to develop a routine of sealing and placing the syrup in your kitchen pantry as soon as you have extracted the needed amount at that time. Air is a decomposing factor. Make sure to seal your jar of the syrup tightly after use to arrest contamination.
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Can Expired Grenadine be used?

Sometimes projections of your future activities may turn out to be inaccurate. Making large amounts of Grenadine might be one of them. Sometimes you may overstock your cabinets with grenadine syrup after an exciting discovery of how much it can do or while planning to host a cocktail party that may never come to be. So, what happens if your grenadine leftovers are more than you can manage, to the point of staying past their expiry date? Unfortunately, I will have to burst your bubble. Attractive as its bright color might look, if all indicators suggest that your darling syrup has gone bad, you will have to let go and throw it. Spoiled Grenadine can be quite hazardous to your health. It is known to cause severe irritation to your digestive system.

How Much Is Enough Grenadine?

The catchy red hue and fruity flavor of Grenadine attract multiple uses. Consequently, it might be quite tempting to use it in large amounts. But really, what’s the worst that could happen? Grenadine is used to complement alcoholic beverages, cocktails as well as food snacks. Most products that add it to their recipe usually have set a standard amount of Grenadine in every unit they serve or package.
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As for homemade Grenadine, just a tot in a drink or a pastry batter is enough. Over usage may irritate your digestive system, especially if you are suffering diarrhea or chronic constipation at the time of consumption. Certain chemical components are found in pomegranate (the fruit responsible for the color and flavor in Grenadine) that may upset the digestive system when taken in large doses. As such, it is essential to maintain the recommended measurements of your grenadine.

What Products Can Grenadine Be Used on?

The Food and Beverage industry has Grenadine to thank for the value it adds to the many such products, making great sales out there. A small amount of grenadine juice makes such a magnificent change on most cocktail alcoholic drinks. It blends well both a taste and color additive. Grenadine is featured in numerous drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you cannot have enough of the cherry-like taste in your tequila, it’s about time you knew its source; the pomegranate fruit used in the manufacturing of grenadine juice. Shirley Temple is a classic drink of its kind. Shirley’s taste never grows old, thanks to the sweet-tart touch of Grenadine, among other juices it is blended with. Another thriller cocktail that cannot be complete without Grenadine is America’s favorite, New York. Grenadine fuses well the flavors of lime juice, bourbon, and brandy of choice.
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Grenadine is a food additive too! The thriving pastry industry has found a liking in the tasty flavor added to pastry frostings as well as a mini-fermenting of cake ingredients. In fact, just about any snack is compatible with just a little of grenadine syrup. Even more interesting, you can enjoy your pastry bites better by taking a break from your usual syrup spreads and treating your taste buds to a whole different experience with a grenadine syrup substitute. This is best sandwiched between larger pieces of cakes or buns. A slice cut from one of these is quite inviting! Generally, Grenadine can be termed as a mustard seed. It is made from one of the simplest recipes known, and a small drop of it into any suitable recipe brings a magnificent effect. If you don’t have at least a small jar of grenadine syrup or juice in your kitchen cabinet/pantry, you are missing out big time.]]>

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