How Long Does Crisco Last? Can It Go Bad?

Can Crisco Go Bad? You will not scoop a full spoon of Crisco to empty the jar faster before the expiry date comes. The instructions are clear that you need just a little when baking. But how frequently do you bake? Does that mean that your Crisco will end up expiring in your pantry, with one or two times use?

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A sealed can of Crisco can go for up to two years without going bad. After opening and with proper storage, the Crisco can still last for a year or two when in good condition. However, there is a difference in the lasting period when it comes to Crisco sticks. The sticks have a shorter lifespan than the Crisco because, for Crisco, the can offers more protection by protecting the fat from oxygen, a role the foil does not play best. Due to this reason, a Crisco stick will last for about a year when new, and after use, you can preserve it for six months before it goes bad. The good news about these expiry dates is that they only reduce the Crisco quality, so they might only limit you to the baking part. Meaning, even after the expiry, your Crisco can be put into use. Are there other uses of Crisco except baking? Well, you will get an answer to this question in the following parts of this writeup.

How to store Crisco

Crisco is made of soybean oil and palm oils. Since these two are vegetable oils, you can store Crisco the way you keep your other vegetable oils. Anywhere away from heat is the right place to store Crisco. The best place would be in the pantry because it is usually colder than in your kitchen. However, make sure no sun rays are getting in through the window because this will only accelerate your Crisco expiry.
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If you have a pantry but have a kitchen cupboard, it is safe for your Crisco. You only need to make sure that the closet is nowhere near the heater, stove, or any source of heat. What about in the fridge? Yes, you can keep it in your refrigerator. The only shortcoming of this is that the Crisco becomes firmer, but returning it to room temperature will make it return to its normal state. Opening a can of Crisco does not mean you pay all your attention to the remaining amount. You only need to make sure you close it tightly before storing the can. Sometimes you can accidentally break the lead or find that when carrying it from the supermarket, the can got laid on by other items, and it got torn. Ensure you change the Crisco into another can that can be tightly closed. Once the can is opened, just like any other oils, Crisco gets fat oxidation when exposed to air, which fastens the process of it going bad, a reason the can should be kept airtight.

Can I freeze my Crisco?

You might have come across products that require you to freeze them at given conditions after they are opened. Crisco does not dictate you to freeze or store under certain conditions.
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Freezing Crisco remains to be your choice, and by doing so, you will find out that it is the best way to go if you want to store your Crisco for a very long time. Use the ice cube tray to scoop the required amount any time you want to use Crisco.

How can you tell your Crisco is spoilt?

Crisco, like other oils, comes with a best-by date on the can. It is a long-life product, and these dates do not mean that you do away with it right away. If stored properly, feel free to use it a few months after the expiry date. However, if your Crisco expires, you will not fail to notice. You will notice a darkening of the color and a weird smell, different from the original scent. Most products start developing mold when they expire, and Crisco is not an exception. Most changes will occur in smell, appearance, and taste. If Crisco is past the best-by date, you can try it by baking and see the outcome. If it still serves its purpose well, preserve it for some more days.

Can I use expired Crisco?

Just like we mentioned, the best-by date does not mean that it is time to throw away your Crisco. Taste it with your baking and see if it can bake.
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Crisco is expensive, and throwing it away would pain like a pinch. Is your kitchen or entire house infested by cockroaches? Tell them goodbye with Crisco. Apply it on the kitchen counter and wake up to a clean house, with an easy task though; of clearing your dead cockroaches. Besides cockroaches, apply a little Crisco on your cracked heels before bed and cover them with old socks. Do so for some weeks, and the difference will leave you wanting to do more of your new routine. With Crisco, you should not struggle to open an old lock or door handle. A little rub of it on the key end will do wonders on your lock. All these uses do not mind the expiry date. Did we mention removing gum in the hair? If you have a child, you know what they can do in that house, everything including leaving gum on your pillow, and you sleep on it, unknowingly. Apply a small amount of Crisco on the affected part, wash your hair to help it slide off.

Can I Use Crisco Shortening In Place Of Oil?

You bought Crisco mainly for baking, but it serves more purposes other than baking. To make sure your Crisco does not expire with only a little scoop for the one time you baked, you can use it in case you run short of oil.
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Use your shortening to fry your foods. Try it with your supper today and enjoy the deliciousness. However, we would not advise you to use shortening for salad dressing. This is because it solidifies when it cools, and you don’t want to bite a raw Crisco in your salad. According to your recipe, when you are using it for baking, make sure you melt if first, then add the required amount. Ensure it has cooled before adding the other ingredients.

I Don’t Want To Throw My Crisco. Does It Have Other Uses?

Besides baking, we just mentioned that you could use Crisco to fry your beef and vegetables. In case your Crisco expires, you do not have to throw it away.
  • During winter, your headlights tend to become dimmer because of the frost. This can be dangerous because, with dim headlights, it gets hard to navigate and for visibility. Get an old rag, scoop some Crisco and rub them on your headlights. Rub the headlights again, with a clean rug this time, and see how they will be clean.
  • You just bought a new cast iron, and you do not know how to season it? With a piece of cloth, scoop some Crisco and rub the pan with it. Bake it for two hours under 200degreed and note the transformation. Repeat this process until you are content with your results.
  • Does your infant have a diaper rash? Stop looking for expensive oils and spending unnecessary hospital bills. It is just a rush! With a little Crisco, you can keep that rush off them. After a bath, and when changing her diaper, apply a small amount on their bum to keep moisture away. Observe them for some days. It will disappear.
  • Instead of smearing butter on your cake pan before flouring it, throw a little Crisco on it and spread. It works miracles.
  • Just like you did to your cookware, Crisco will help you season your new cutting board if it is new.
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