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How Long Cocktail Sauce Last? Can It Go Bad?

Does Cocktail Sauce Go Bad? All cocktail sauce will inevitably go bad at some point. Naturally homemade versions will not last nearly as long as the store-bought ones. That’s because the commercial types will be packed with preservatives and heat-treated. So, that means that they can actually last for a surprisingly long time. So, if you have found an out of date bottle of cocktail sauce, you might not need to throw it out just yet. If it was stored correctly, it might just be fine. We explain more about this below. We will also show you the signs of spoilage so that you never end up accidentally using gone off cocktail sauce.

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How Do I Store Cocktail Sauce?

Storing cocktail sauce is actually pretty straightforward. There are no magic tricks or heavy preparation involved. But an opened bottle will need to be stored a bit differently to a sealed one.

Unopened bottles of cocktail sauce

Cocktail sauce is generally a mix of a few different sauces. Each of these sauces lasts quite a while on their own, so we’re off to a good start! It also has a high acid content which helps to keep it for a long time too. And, most are even shelf-stable to boot! So, that makes things pretty simple. There are only really 2 things that can damage unopened cocktail start – too much heat, and sunlight. So, that should give you a clue as to where it should be stored. The pantry or a kitchen cabinet away from the cooker are pretty much ideal hiding spots for your unopened bottles. This all changes as soon as the bottle is opened though.

Opened bottles of cocktail sauce

Opened bottles of cocktail sauce need a lot more care and attention. They can’t just be put back into the pantry or a kitchen cabinet. Not if you expect them to last for any length of time. They will only last a manner of weeks. So, let’s assume that you want to keep your cocktail sauce for longer. The only thing to do is to put it into the fridge. Make sure the lid is as tight as possible as you don’t want the air in your fridge to get in there. The air and moisture in your fridge will change the flavor and cause it to go off much quicker. Homemade cocktail sauce should always be stored in the fridge and never in the pantry. It won’t have the same staying power as the shop-bought stuff.
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Should You Refrigerate Cocktail Sauce?

The simple answer is that it depends. Refrigerating unopened store-bought bottles of cocktail sauce won’t add anything to its lifespan. It is best to reserve that fridge space for something that really needs it. Homemade sauce will always need to be refrigerated. There are no two ways about it. The same holds true for bottles of cocktail sauce that have been opened. Just make sure that the lid is on tightly. It is also a good idea to store the bottles upside down. It seems to preserve the flavor better. Doing this will also make doubly sure that the lid is definitely on right!

Can You Freeze Cocktail Sauce?

It is pretty easy to end up with a whole load of extra cocktail sauce, especially if you have made it yourself. Then, the trouble is that it just won’t keep long enough for you to use it all. You don’t want to watch it all go to waste, so what do you do? Well, thankfully, you can freeze it! Simply pour it into an airtight container and pop it in! There’s nothing else involved! There is one thing we should warn you about though… The texture of the cocktail sauce will change after freezing. It will become more watery and the ingredients might separate a bit. Just give it a good stir after it has thawed and maybe add a little more seasoning. This should be enough to bring it back to life. It won’t be as good as when it was fresh, but it will be close.
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How Long Does Cocktail Sauce Last?

Cocktail sauce will last for different times depending on how it was stored and whether it was homemade. To make things easier, we have divided these up into groups, starting with unopened bottles of cocktail sauce.

Unopened bottles of cocktail sauce

Unopened bottles are the easiest to store of the bunch. They don’t demand much except that they are kept away from sunlight and heat. Each of these will gradually break down the compounds in the bottle and ruin the flavor. But, if you store it right, it will reward you! It really can last for a crazy long time. So, if you have a full bottle put aside from last year, it will most likely be fine. The lifespan of most store-bought stuff is between 12 and 18 months! However, after it has gone by its printed date by more than a month, it is worth checking for the signs of spoilage. Luckily, we have a section on precisely that below!

Opened bottles of cocktail sauce

As soon as the bottle is opened, the countdown clock starts ticking. It just will not last as long as when it was intact. But, there are ways to keep it relatively fresh. It can be frozen, but this will reduce the quality a little. We prefer to store it in the fridge. Seal up the lid nice and tight, turn the bottle upside down, and leave it in the fridge. This keeps the flavor nice and sharp for longer. The contents will then be good for up to 6 months. The same bottle would only last a few weeks in the pantry.
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Homemade cocktail sauce

Homemade cocktail sauce will last nowhere near the same amount of time as store-bought stuff will. It won’t have the same amount of preservatives and it probably won’t have been heat-treated. But, it is really difficult to say exactly how long it will last. Nearly everyone makes theirs differently. Some might stay good for as long as 2 weeks, but we would recommend using it within a week. Freezing it will make it keep its quality for up to 6 months, but it won’t quite be as good as it was when it was fresh.

How Do I Make My Cocktail Sauce Last Longer?

There is no great trick for keeping unopened bottles of cocktail sauce for longer. All that we can suggest is that they are kept away from sunlight and heat. Our best tip for storing opened bottles of cocktail sauce might sound a bit weird, but it works. Make sure the lid is nice and tight and store it upside down in the fridge. This will keep the flavor sharper for longer.

Signs That Your Cocktail Sauce May Have Gone Off

Most of the time, cocktail sauce loses its flavor before it goes off. But, it does happen that cocktail sauce goes bad. The first sign that this has happened is that the sauce has changed its texture. An older sauce will thicken to the point that it doesn’t really look like a liquid anymore. This won’t mean that it has gone off. Give it a decent stir or a shake and it should be fine. Things get a lot more serious if you notice any visual changes. Sometimes the color can change. Other times there can be mold. There is no saving the sauce if you notice this and it should be thrown out. The same holds true if the smell has changed from sweet to rotten. If it passes these tests, feel free to give it a little taste and judge it from there.
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Well, that’s all we have for cocktail sauce. We hope that you found this little guide in some way useful and informative. Thanks for reading! .]]>

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