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grillSmall kitchen appliances can take up a lot of valuable space in your kitchen. So choose ones that have more than one function.

The new grill & panini press machines are great at doing double duty – even triple duty if you have the plate to make waffles!

Aside from grill-pressed sandwiches, these machines can cook burgers, steaks, and even make waffle cones*.

These multi-use griddles can function as a:

  1. contact grill
  2. panini press
  3. full grill
  4. full griddle
  5. half grill/half griddle

What to look for when buying 

  • To get the most use out of your machine, ensure it has an adjustable top plate with a floating hinge allowing it to adjust to various food thicknesses.
  • Removable/interchangeable grilling plates – ribbed, smooth, waffle.
  • Has a release to open the grill out completely flat (to use as a griddle or indoor grill). Then you can use it to make pancakes, French toast using the smooth plate, or grill shishkabobs or fish with the ribbed plate.
  • To be able to use it for a variety of foods, ensure it has an adjustable dial heat control.

WaffleCones1*To make waffle cones, use the ribbed plate NOT a waffle plate – the depth of the depressions are too large in the waffle plate and you’ll end up with waffle cones that are too thick and doughy.

Check out our delicious recipe and learn how easy it is to make homemade Waffle Cones with your grill/panini press!

GFC Tried & Tested Recommendations

All the products that we have recommended have been tried and tested in our Gluten Free Club Test Kitchen, and have been chosen as our top picks based on their:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality of the task they are designed to do
  • Quality of manufacturing/Longevity
  • Usefulness
  • Best value for your money

If you decide to purchase any of the items we recommend, Amazon will send a small percentage of the purchase price to the Gluten Free Club (at no extra cost to you!). We appreciate and value your support, thank you!

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