Electric Oven Roasters

roaster2The two major advantages to counter top oven roasters are – it frees up your oven so it can be used to make other dishes at the same time, and you are able to use dry or moist-heat cooking (add a few cups of liquid to the pan).

Moist-heat cooking makes turkeys and roasts deliciously juicy and tender.

Once the meat is cooked, you can even use the pan to make gravy – again saving space (and time) on your stove top for other cooking.

roastercomponentsAside from moist-heat cooking, the roaster can be used to bake anything your regular oven would like chili, baked beans, muffins, buns, and even cakes (just fill the muffin/cake pans and put in the roaster).

Chose the size based on how large a turkey you would normally cook. For those up to 26lbs, use a 22 quart roaster (the roasters outside dimensions are 24 x 17.5 x 10.5 inches). For smaller birds up to 18lbs, use an 18 quart roaster (23 x 17 x 9 inches).

 What to look for when buying

  • An 18 or 22 quart size.

    Self-Basting Lid: when a liquid is added to the roaster, the shape & texture of the underside of the lid promotes the steam to drop directly down onto the meat, instead of dripping down the sides
  • Almost all roasters have the same features; removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan, removable steel roasting rack , and adjustable temperature dial from 150°F to 450°F.  Digital read outs and buttons are just an added expense that doesn’t contribute anything to its ease of use.
  • Added features would be stay-cool side handles, and a curved inner lid that promotes self-basting. However, I wouldn’t pay extra for these features.

GFC Tried & Tested Recommendations

All the products that we have recommended have been tried and tested in our Gluten Free Club Test Kitchen, and have been chosen as our top picks based on their:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality of the task they are designed to do
  • Quality of manufacturing/Longevity
  • Usefulness
  • Best value for your money

If you decide to purchase any of the items we recommend, Amazon will send a small percentage of the purchase price to the Gluten Free Club (at no extra cost to you!). We appreciate and value your support, thank you!



  1. Here is the Review on Pressure Cookers we did. Although because the electric models have several back-up safety features, they are the only type I use (and can recommend). Not to say that there are not some great (and safe) stove top models, but they are not my preferred choice.

  2. Our church uses two 22 qt roasters to make baked beans for our church suppers. I do 10 lbs of yellow eye beans at a time. (Max amount possible) And they get raves.

    My Grandmother used a roaster as her only oven at her summer camp. She did everything in it from turkeys to pies. The advantage was it uses only a 120 electric service, if you don’t have 220, and it (for her) was a space saver.

    Mary from Maine

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