Can Openers

canopenerThe design of can openers has not changed much over the years. Aside from electric, your two choices for manual can openers are those that cut the lid with a safety edge or leave a jagged edge.

I find the safety lid openers are smoother to operate and don’t require as much force to initially engage the opener or turn it, which is why they are my preferred style of opener.

Having said that, with so many designs out there that are terrible to operate, the Starfrit MightyCan (pictured right) is by far and away by #1 choice.

What to look for when buying 

  • Decide if you want a ‘safety lid’ (sharp edge on can) or a ‘safety can’ style (sharp edge on lid-older style can openers).
  • Easy for opener to attach to the can/lid, and begin cutting with minimal fuss.
  • Turn crank is easy to use, and doesn’t bang your knuckles on the rest of the opener when turning.
  • Handles are comfortable and have a good grip – metal handles tend to get slippery when they are wet, so plastic or rubber handled openers are far superior in both comfort and grip.

GFC Tried & Tested Recommendations

 Other options you may be interested in

All the products that we have recommended have been tried and tested in our Gluten Free Club Test Kitchen, and have been chosen as our top picks based on their:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality of the task they are designed to do
  • Quality of manufacturing/Longevity
  • Usefulness
  • Best value for your money

If you decide to purchase any of the items we recommend, Amazon will send a small percentage of the purchase price to the Gluten Free Club (at no extra cost to you!). We appreciate and value your support, thank you!


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