Blood Work Negative, Biopsy Positive. By Lynn

I was diagnosed with celiac disease about three years ago.  I would get so bloated that I would have to buy a larger size pant to fit over my bloated belly.  This went on for years.  I adjusted to it and never really gave it much thought.  One day about three years ago I was in the kitchen and I was eating a pretzel and I said to my husband “I think wheat and flour make me bloated”.

I went to a  Dr. and he ran blood test and then a biopsy.  The blood work came back normal but the biopsy suggested celiac.  The Dr. told me to go on a gluten free diet and he would repeat the biopsy in 6 months and we would know for sure then, so that is what happened. He called me about the second biopsy and told me I have celiac for sure.

I started to research and learn about celiac disease.  We are our best tool.  Just sharing stories and learning form other celiac’s has helped me so much.  Please know that you can’t always rely on the blood test. Biopsy is the best way to really get the correct answer.  When checking the ingredients in something if you are not sure of the ingredient, call the manufacture.  The old motto for celiac’s  “when in doubt go without” is so important. I have been back into my normal size pants. Watch envelopes, get the self sticking kind.  There are so many of us out there. I think it is so important to share any information we get with other club members.  It can only help.

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  1. Hi, I’d like your opinion on the book “Wheat Belly”?
    New to the Club. Recipes are great, thank you. Pat

  2. I really liked it… in fact I have plans to write a review, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! I think it’s super relevant today especially for people who don’t understand just how wheat has changed. I’d love to hear back what you think after you’ve read it.

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