Accidentally Found Out She Was Celaic Through Hernia Surgery. By Doreen

My name is Doreen and I am a member of your club.  I would like to share my story with you.  I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue about three years ago.  I was being scoped for a hernia which I have from my third pregnancy.  My doctor saw the damage in my intestines and had it biopsied.  It came back Celiac.  What a shock this was to me.  I didn’t even know what it was.

The more I researched it the more scared I got.  I went for a second opinion and that doctor told me how lucky I was to find this so early.  I never had a symptom or at least I didn’t know it was a symptom.  I went on the diet 100% more out of fear.  My family didn’t believe any of this because I really wasn’t effected by it.  I did realize that the pains in my legs which I had my whole life had gone away and the pins and needles.  I was then told it was hereditary.

At first I felt well it took 32 years for it to show in me so I want my kids to enjoy their life.  It ate away at me so I had my kids blood work done.  It came back high in two of my children.  They were both scoped and positive results were returned.  My thirteen year old didn’t have a hard time to adjust.  Within 5 weeks she grew to be 5 foot two and the doctor said that they will catch up to where they should be.  My 10 year old son had a lot of damage and also had acid reflux which we were not aware of.  He also went from first on line to fourth.  He had a hard time adjusting.  The kids at school teased him but it made him strong.  I just wish there were support groups in Staten Island, NY where I live.  He needs to know he is not that different.  It has affected a lot of other aspects in his live.  Especially feeling excepted.

I know I went through a state of depression when I was diagnosed I could only imagine what a young boy would go through.  I just felt they got it from me and what they will be missing.  At least I got to experience the good things.  You cant avoid food it is something we have to deal with everyday of our life.  We even had to change churches because my first church made receiving the host very difficult.  Thank God for my husband who loves to research new websites for food and recipes.

My brother was diagnosed but he is not doing anything about it.  I am so worried about him because he is ignorant about the whole issue.  Well this is my story we are survivors of Celiac Sprue and grateful it was found before any real damage was done.  I thank you for taking your time to listen.  I know a lot of people have much worse then me and know now my children and I are not alone.



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