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45 Years to a diagnosis. By Kathy Labbie-Bella

In retrospect I know now that I had a lot of the symptoms most of my life, just needed to get someone to listen to me

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One Response to 45 Years to a diagnosis. By Kathy Labbie-Bella

  1. Cynthia July 17, 2014 at 12:44 am #

    Oh My Gosh, I have all of these symptoms and almost the same exact story. I am 42 years old and have so many aches and pains and am 100 pounds over weight. Even when I was in the military I had these symptoms and they would never test me for it and always said the same thing. I have been out since 2004 and have tried getting the different VA doctors to test me. Final one doctor said we don't have a guaranteed way to tell or test it so just try eating gluten free "if I feel that this is what I had". Since February 2014 I have been eating gluten free and I have lost 20 pounds. About a month into eating GF, I had regular roll. BIG MISTAKE. Immediate bloating and Diarrhea within 20 minutes. I have have ALWAYS had Chronic Constipation for at least 20 or 25 years. Since February, I have also accidentally tried a bite of my son's Orange chicken, but I forgot under that sauce it was breaded. Again, within 15 minutes I had to run to a bathroom-Diarrhea. Since then, I try to be as careful as possible not to eat anything with gluten OR wheat in it. Some of the pain in my knees/joints has let up. I have lost a few pounds but have Many to go. I stopped taking my allergy pill for now-been taking them every day for years. But I just wonder if all of these pills and pain killers that the Military and now VA has had me on for years, has any affect on my weight and other symptoms? Well, at least I know that I have celiac disease and I can take measures on my own to help this.

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